Friday, 2 May 2008

Infinite Possibilites

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Behind the visible garment of the universe, beyond the mirage of molecules, the maya - or illusion - of physicality, lies an inherently invisible, seamless matrix made up of nothingness. This invisible nothingness silently orchestrates, instructs, guides, governs, and compels nature to express itself with infinite creativity, infinite abundance, and unfaltering exactitude into a myriad of designs and patterns and forms.

Life experiences are the continuum in this seamless matrix of nothingness, in this continuum of both body and environment. They are our experiences of joy and sorrow, of success and failure, of wealth and poverty. All these events seemingly happen to us, but at very primordial levels we are making them happen.

The impulses of energy and information that create our life experiences are reflected in our attitudes toward life. And our attitudes are an outcome of and expressions of self-engendered impulses of energy and information.

Deepak Chopra
Creating Affluence
Wealth Consciousness in the Field of All Possibilites.

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Friday, 28 March 2008


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If you embrace the present and become one with it, and merge with it, you will experience a fire, a glow, a sparkle of ecstasy throbbing in every living sentient being. As you begin to experience this exultation of spirit in everything that is alive, as you become intimate with it, joy will be born within you, and you will drop the terrible burdens and encumbrances of defensiveness, resentment, and hurtfulness. Only then will you become light-hearted, carefree, joyous and free.

In this joyful, simple freedom, you will know without any doubt in your heart that what you want is available to you whenever you want it, because your want will be from the level of happiness, not from the level of anxiety or fear. You do not need to justify; simply declare your intent to yourself, and you will experience fulfilment, delight, joy, freedom, and autonomy in every moment of you life.

Make a commitment to follow the path of no resistance. This is the path through which nature’s intelligence unfolds spontaneously, without friction or effort. When you have the exquisite combination of acceptance, responsibility and defencelessness, you will experience life flowing with effortless ease.

When you remain open to all points of view – not rigidly attached to only one – your dreams and desires will flow with nature’s desires. Then you can release your intentions, without attachment, and just wait for the appropriate season for your desires to blossom into reality. You can be sure that when the season is right, your desires will manifest. This is the Law of Least Effort.

Deepak Chopra

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
From the chapter - The Law of Least Effort.

He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity’s sun rise.

William Blake

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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Nature of Chakras

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Chakra means Wheel in Sanskrit

The body has spinning energy centers that look like spinning wheels and are called Chakras. The seven main chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra is linked to sound, light and associated with a certain color, multiple specific functions, an aspect of consciousness, a classical element and other distinguishing characteristics.

The chakras are thought to vitalise the physical body and to be associated with interactions of both a physical and mental nature.

The Mind Makes It Matter

Just as the film in a projector transforms light into the movie we observe on the screen, the ideas imprinted in the mind convert the one light of Source into the rainbow of frequencies we experience as life. As we look at the world around us, we see a multicolored projection of our inner self. The frequencies of life we are attracted to represent the aspects of ourselves we are most comforable with. The frequencies we are not attracted to remind us of the aspects of ourselves we've yet to embrace.

Change our ideas - the mind's film - and everything changes. When we stop identifying with our ideas altogether, the film dissolves completely, allowing light to move through us without resistance. We become full-spectrum beings - holographic focal points of the sun - radiating the light of God into the world. When things no longer matter, life once again becomes light.

Jacob Liberman

'Wisdom from an Empty Mind'

An Interview with Jacob Liberman author of 'Light, Medicine of the Future'

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Monday, 4 February 2008

Choosing to Bless

"The practice of blessing is a simple way to develop a constantly centered awareness. It is also a tool for growing in universal love and avoiding judgement."

Pierre Pradervand
The Gentle Art of Blessing

"If not you, who? If not now, when?" Attributed to Rabbi Hillel

It seems to me that what the world needs now is our blessing - and not just the parts that we find easy to bless. From the smallest incident, with 'that person in your street', to the biggest - where governments/corporations act in our names and we feel we have no control - we quickly jump in to judge and criticize.

I was recently reminded - when re-reading Pierre Pradervand’s words in ‘
The Gentle Art of Blessing’ - that to bless is important not only for those we bless but also for ourselves. At the same time I was feeling frustrated by my apparent inability to ‘do’ anything about the worsening situations on the planet. Then it dawned on me that to send blessings would be the most powerful thing I could do from a distance and the words contained in ‘Choosing to Bless’ were born.

“Nothing is more debilitating than to care about something you can’t do anything about…. In the long run, you cannot do anything about someone else’s vibration other than hold them in the best light you can, mentally, and then project that to them. And sometimes distance makes that much more possible than being up close to them.”Abraham-Hicks

I invite you to send light and blessings using the words in ‘Choosing to Bless’ – or create your own blessing. Send the blessing regularly, hourly or several times during your day. Share the words and the idea with others. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that the regular habit of blessing those you don’t know and, perhaps, wouldn’t normally bless, has made a difference to their lives and to the world?

“To bless all without discrimination of any sort is the ultimate form of giving, because those you bless will never know from whence came the sudden ray of sun that burst through the clouds of their skies, and you will rarely be a witness to the sunlight in their lives.” Pierre Pradervand

The key is the Intention to bless.

It is most important to bless from the bottom of your heart, in total sincerity. This is the transforming power that heals and restores.

To begin the habit of blessing, every hour, or as often as you are able during your day, pause for a few seconds - breathe - and send these words of blessing out into the universe .....

I am at peace with the process of life.

From my heart, with unconditional love, I choose to bless rather than judge.

I bless all governments and their agencies, corporations,
all individuals, races and religions.
I bless all who find themselves victimized and oppressed.
I bless all in their peace, their courage,
their joy, their goodness,
their abundance, their compassion,
their understanding.

May all be blessed with peace in their hearts.

I am grateful for the blessings of the Universe.

And so it is.

I would love to hear from you and to know how the habit of blessing on a regular basis is making a difference.

May you be blessed with all things good
In all ways
With love, joy, peace and abundant blessings
Jane :)

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


“O! It is pleasant with a head of ease,
Just after sunset, or by moonlight skies,
To make the shifting clouds be what you please.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Of the Open Sky

“It is a strange thing how little in general people know about the sky. It is the part of all creation in which nature has done more for the sake of pleasing man, more, for the sole and evident purpose of talking to him and teaching him, than in any other of her works, and it is just the part in which we least attend to her. There are not many of her other works in which some more material or essential purpose than the mere pleasing of man is not answered by every part of their organization; but every essential purpose of the sky might, as far as we know, be answered, if once in three days, or thereabouts, a great, ugly black rain cloud were brought up over the blue, and everything well watered, and so all left blue again till next time, with perhaps a film of morning and evening mist for dew. And instead of this, there is not a moment of any day of our lives, when nature is not producing scene after scene, picture after picture, glory after glory, and working still upon such exquisite and constant principles of the most perfect beauty, that it is quite certain it is all done for us, and intended for our perpetual pleasure. And every man, wherever placed, however far from other sources of interest or of beauty, has this doing for him constantly… the sky is for all; bright as it is, it is not “too bright, nor good, for human nature’s daily food,” it is fitted in all its functions for the perpetual comfort and exalting of the heart, for the soothing it and purifying it from its dross and dust. Sometimes gentle, sometimes capricious, sometimes awful, never the same for two moments together; almost human in its passions, almost spiritual in its tenderness, almost divine in its infinity, it is surely meant for the chief teacher of what is immortal in us, as it is the chief minister of chastisement or of blessing to what is mortal. And yet we never attend to it, we never make it a subject of thought…”

John Ruskin

Victorian art critic and essayist

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Gifts of Gratitude


Well yes, it’s a favourite pastime of mine.

By releasing any expected outcome, I simply allow my creativity to flow freely – just me, the pen and all possibility! One evening, while musing on my doodles, I noted that many commonly recognized symbols were peeking through my orderly disorder.

And then, as if by fate, I asked my Sweetheart, “What is the symbol for Gratitude?” Think about it. There’s a symbol for the sun, the moon, love, peace – even a simple “swoosh” is recognizable world-wide. There must be a symbol for Gratitude …. And Voila! I glanced down to witness this symbol of Gratitude being created by my own hand. Immediately I glimpsed a little ‘g’ in a circle. “Gratitude begins with a G” I thought. Perfect!

Stacey Robyn
Go Gratitude

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Blessings of Peace

I am at the center of peace

The outer world touches me not.

I am in charge of my own being.

I guard my inner world, for it is there that I create.

I do whatever I need to do to keep my inner world peaceful.

My inner peace is essential for my health and well being.

I go within and find that space where all is quiet and serene.

I may see it as a peaceful, deep, quiet pool surrounded by green grass and tall, silent trees.

I may feel it as white, billowy clouds upon which to lay and be caressed.

I may hear it as flowing, delightful music soothing my senses. However I choose to experience my inner space, I find peace.

At this center of peace I am.

I am the pureness and stillness of the center of my creative process. In peace I create.

In peace I live and move and experience life.

Because I keep myself centered in inner peace, I have peace in my outer world.

Though others may have discord and chaos, it touches me not for I declare peace for myself.

Though there may be madness all around me, I am calm and peaceful. The Universe is one of great order and peacefulness, and I reflect this in my every moment of life.

The stars and the planets do not need to be worried or fearful in order to maintain their heavenly orbits.

Nor does chaotic thinking contribute to my peaceful existence in life.

I choose to express peacefulness, for I am peace.

And so it is.

‘Heart Thoughts’ Louise Hay.

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